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Make meal prepping fun and easy for you to eat proper meals and build muscles. It will help you plan your grocery list and save on time and money. 

Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle by Planning your Meals

Loosing weight can be a struggle for most individuals for one reason, your not planning your meals. Your body reacts to the food your eat, it takes the vitamins and minerals that it needs to properly function for the day. If you are looking to start a meal plan start by answering a few questions first. 


-How many meals a day would you preferred to eat, three, five, or even as much as eight meals a day? This will help you break down your calories accordingly for each meal throughout the day.


-How much time will you be devoting to preparing your meals? Some people do not like cooking, or they lack the time it takes everyday to prepare and cook a proper meal. You can set aside a day out of the week to prepare a dew simple healthy, fresh, and lightly processes food. You can prep salads jars, vegetable bowls in portions to cook each day, and even cut your meat down to exact portions for each day. Prepping food for the week cuts down on time and help you keep up your good eating habits.

Why do I cook at Home?

Home cooking is the best because you can have great food, prepare as much as you want and save big when it comes to expenses for a healthy, nutritious meal. Cooking for me now is fun, healthy and a part of my healthy lifestyle that keeps me going everyday. 

Check out Fit Men Cook for help with your food prep

Just A Few Meals & Snacks


Salads are great to add to your meals and I make an effort to eat one with just about every meal I eat. One of my favorite salads to make is with the red onions, tomatoes, avocado, Tomatoes, cucumber, and cilantro to get a healthy side. 

Fermented Sauerkraut 

Fermented foods are a new part of my diet that I am slowly incorporating with my meals and loving every minute of it.

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